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Save Rock and Roll Tour ticket giveaway

Twenty-four days ago the accouncement(s) were unexpected. In the midst of the whirlpool of excitement, I don’t think we all anticipated just how good the ticket scalpers have become these days. Every one of us fought with the best of them and a majority lost or just gave in to the outrageous prices. They knew the boys’ comeback was widely anticipated and they took full advantage of that. The worst part is the band themselves nor the venues could do a thing about it.

We fought right alongside you all for the chance to be part of this tour. Fortunately, we won once for the Nashville show, but are giving in to the high prices for the Kansas City show (a general admission event. Normally around thirty-five dollars).

My co-blog owner/roommate/best friend and I are purchasing a third ticket to the Kansas City, MO show (June the 25th, 2013) and will be giving it away to someone who didn’t get the opportunity to snag a ticket at the normal price. Whether you didn’t get to Ticket Master on time or were just broke on the day of, we have your back.

Originally we wanted to make this giveaway larger. We really wanted to buy multiple tickets to multiple shows, but one of us is a full-time college student and we both work retail jobs. Our budget was tight. This band and the fans of it mean enough to us that we can sacrifice for at least one person.

Why the Kansas City show? Because we will be attending and it really does matter that we get to see the happiness and enjoyment of whoever wins. Plus, new friends with common interests are always welcome.


  • Must have confirmation (asap) that you will be able to attend show.

Fill this out and send to

  • Name:
  • Number of times you have seen the boys in concert:
  • Hometown:
  • Transportation to the concert:
  • Why we should choose you:

How will we be deciding who gets the ticket? We do not have a set date to decide/annouce the ticket winner. Hopefully at least two months before the concert’s actual date of 6/25/13. The both of us will be reviewing each submission and attempting to pick a fan. It is going to be a grueling process, we wish we could give you all a free ticket.

Upon winning: Since we want to be certain our money isn’t going to waste, you will be handed the ticket on the day of. Contact information will be exchanged so you do not become lost and miss out on receiving your ticket. If needed, we will verify in everything in any way we can so you know that your ticket is legitimate. We are serious about this.

Even if the Kansas City show isn’t in your region, do a fellow fan a favor and reblog this for signal boost.

We love you, real talk.