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Let Them Know (The FobFandom Project)

You know that natural disaster made up of almost non-audible words that come to mind when you picture yourself letting your heroes know what they mean to you? Sort those thoughts out. Write them down. Type them out. Convert them into art if you absolutely have to. 

It’s time to tell them your story.

My roommate/best friend had the original idea, so all credit goes there.

The Save Rock And Roll tour has its last stop in the blog owner’s home town of Nashville. We’re taking this opportunity to ask every fan on Tumblr to send in what they have always wanted to tell the guys.

In the coming months we will be creating a scrap book/folder/binder/book of all the things we are sent. On the night of we will be doing everything in our efforts to be certain the project ends up in the hands of the guys. Every single one of you deserve this, so we are one hundred percent serious when we say send us all you’ve got. All of you. We don’t want a fan to go unheard.

Email all FobFandom Project letters to the guys to: 

If traditional is more your thing, snail mail us:

FobFandom Prjoect

350 Old Shackle Island Rd.

Hendersonville, TN 37075

All we ask is that you reblog this (multiple times to get the best site coverage we can. we need the exposure so no one is left out) so all of your FOB loving followers get in on it. This is going to be huge if we make it. 

Let it out, kids.

Don’t miss your chance to be heard. 

Submissions have been closed. The project was a success and given to the boys at the Kansas City date of the Save Rock And Roll tour. Thank you to all who were a part of this.